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A 3 song EP of protest songs in reaction to the results of the 2016 election

100% of the proceeds will be sent directly to Southern Poverty Law Center (www.splcenter.org)

We are at a loss for what to say.

At the same time, the fire in our bellies knows it is more vital than ever
to defiantly keep on keeping on making music
and to roar loudly against oppression of all kinds with our words AND our actions

We also know that sometimes songs can be big and strong enough
to hold our fear, our guilt, our rage, our heartbreak, our hopelessness,
even when we ourselves are not.

"Hope is not a lottery ticket you can sit on the sofa and clutch, feeling lucky.
It is an axe you break down doors with in an emergency.
Hope should shove you out the door,
because it will take everything you have to steer the future away from endless war,
from the annihilation of the earth's treasures and the grinding down of the poor and marginal."
That's from historian Rebecca Solnit.

May these songs hold you in your big feelings, as they have for us.

And then may they be a part of the kindling that keeps you fired up to fight tirelessly for what you know is right, these four years and beyond, as they will be for us, too.

You are not alone.

Outlive this. Outlast this.

Hope is not a feeling. Hope is an axe.


released December 2, 2016

Written and recorded by Stephanie Ryan Johnstone, Heather Christian, and Sasha Brown on November 13-14, 2016

Guitar: Sasha Brown
Vocals: Heather Christian and Stephanie Ryan Johnstone

All songs (c) 2016 Sasha Brown, Heather Christian, and Stephanie Ryan Johnstone
Produced and Engineered by: Sasha Brown and Heather Christian
Mixed by: Matt Hubbs



all rights reserved


Liberty Songs Brooklyn, New York

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Track Name: Hope Is Not A Feeling
There is blood on my white hands that goes way back before me
There is blood on my white hands for silence up in front of me
Blood on my hands for the fear that chose complicity
In the name of comfort
bloody are my hands

There is blood on my white hands
Part of a wider toxicity
And I need healing too, as I can see I did this all to me
myself and yourself too I stole the land you shared for free
in the name of freedom
bloody are my hands.

in the street, the court the pulpit
In the prison, in the classroom, kitchen,
in my home, the subdivisions
In the chambers, In the hill and in the high and In the low,
in the walls we burn and Bridges we throw
Your liberation
is my liberation
Hope is not a feeling.

Hope is not a feeling
Hope is not a feeling

Build a wall and burn a bridge
build a bridge and burn a wall
build a wall and burn a bridge
build a bridge and burn a wall

first the grave and then the womb
first the grave and then the womb
first the grave and then the womb

Tirelessly I’ll fight for you
Tirelessly I’ll fight with you
Track Name: One Too Many Times
How do I awaken the mother in me?
How do I hold you unconditionally
If only out of the things we share
For no other reason than similar blood
And similar home?
Is this a prayer?
Will I try to listen, even if I think I am wiser?
Even if you silence me or worse
Throw me across the kitchen when we disagreed
And break my fucking heart?
Will I try to understand
That we cannot completely understand?
Is the trying the prayer?
Is the trying the other cheek?
How do I awaken the mother in me
And tell you sweet in low tones
That the road you took went hellish
And you hit and ran my house.
But tell you this in kindness
after I cook you dinner
And hold your hand across the table
Because I need to believe you are larger
Than the malice you manifested
And if I see hate in you
One too many times
Let me not dismiss you without tears
Is fear the enemy
Or you
Track Name: Axe
Hope is an axe that you break down walls with